Un traitement insecticide nocturne exceptionnel a eu lieu à Brive et Malemort (Corrèze) pour tuer les moustiques tigres 

An distinctive nocturnal insecticide therapy was carried out in Brive and Malemort (Correz) to kill tiger mosquitoes

On the night time of Wednesday, August 31 to Thursday, September 1, 2022, one Brive county and one other in Malemurt underwent insecticide therapy to stop the unfold of a illness transmitted by the tiger mosquito. We can’t find out about dengue, chikungunya or Zika, however the service has visited these two locations, in line with Aquitaine’s new regional well being company.

Commissioned by ARS

In terminology, that is referred to as “vector management” that the regional well being company requires when a case of dengue, Zika, and even chikungunya is detected. In Curies, it’s carried out by Altopictus, a personal mosquito management firm based mostly in Bayonne.

One operation in 2021 in Usak and one in 2022

It ran in a single day from Wednesday to Thursday in two areas in Brive and Mallamort. It’s a nighttime insecticide therapy in a confined space across the place frequented by a pregnant individual to eradicate mosquitoes that might grow to be contaminated. Delphine Binet, director of the Merignac (Girond) Company in Altopictus, explains that residents are notified 24 hours upfront.

The pesticide is sprayed from a machine mounted on a cart touring down the road. It will also be carried and dealt with by an expert sporting a go well with and masks.

In 2021, it was additionally printed as soon as in Korez, within the city of Usak, after contracting dengue. In 2022, because the begin of the tiger mosquito statement season on Might 1, it has solely been run as soon as.

Frequency “very variable”

The frequency of those pesticide therapies is “extremely variable” in line with Delphine Binet, in Altopictus. “It is dependent upon the variety of vacationers who will return in addition to on the epidemiological scenario within the areas they’ve visited. With Covid, there have been fewer flights and subsequently fewer instances of dengue, chikungun or Zika.”

In 2021, there have been ten such therapies within the Gironde, three within the Pyrenees Atlantic, and none in Haute-Vienne and even within the Dordogne.

No tiger mosquitoes for every week

The inhabitants of the handled oceans at Brive and Malemort shall be calm for a few week. She burdened that “the insecticide doesn’t kill the larvae nor the eggs, which can produce a brand new technology of tiger mosquitoes inside just a few days.”

Three questions to grasp and combat the tiger mosquito, a summer time nightmare in Koriz

ARS additionally insists on the distinctive nature of the system. “The insecticide not solely kills mosquitoes and might create resistance. That is already the case in some abroad territories,” provides Delphine Binet.

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