Dengue cases: two exceptional mosquito control operations ordered by the ARS

Dengue instances: two distinctive mosquito management operations ordered by the ARS

Two distinctive mosquito management campaigns have been performed initially of the week following the dengue instances. One is in Blagnac close to Toulouse and the opposite is in Lormont close to Bordeaux.

This process is comparatively uncommon and never trivial. After two diagnoses of dengue fever, a illness principally transmitted by mosquitoes, the regional well being businesses of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie determined to conduct an distinctive mosquito management operation within the two sectors involved. Solely the ARS is allowed to make this type of choice, and it’s a public well being challenge.

Robust insecticide

Thus, on Monday 5 September in Lormont, a city simply subsequent to Bordeaux, and on Tuesday 6 September in Blagnac close to Toulouse, the specialist corporations intervened in a really exact radius of a number of predetermined streets in keeping with the place of residence and the affected person’s journeys. This can be a spray of a robust insecticide, deltamethrin, which is the one one approved in France for this process. “This therapy doesn’t pose any hazard to people and warm-blooded animals. Nonetheless, it’s poisonous to aquatic animals. Therefore the session with fishermen. We can not course of close to wetlands, nor inside 25 meters of the water level,” I confided Jean-Sebastien Deheck of ARS in Occitanie to our colleagues from France 3 who spoke about the entire course of. If the product is just not harmful to people and warm-blooded animals, then it isn’t with out impression on biodiversity. The product is extremely poisonous to fish and freshwater invertebrates.

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Many essential precautions

Subsequently, the spreading areas are particularly focused to keep away from touching the encompassing animals and vegetation as a lot as potential. These operations at all times happen at night time and are topic to intense communication with the inhabitants within the respective sectors. Pesticides are often sprayed from the automotive, but in addition with moveable units in hard-to-reach locations.

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For the sleek operating of the operation, residents should take numerous precautions as defined by the every day Sud-Ouest of the operation in Lormont: “Put laundry, meals or toys exterior, hold or convey animals away, cowl swimming pools, ponds and sandboxes, shut home windows overlooking public roads, and steer clear of processing machines”.

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In fact, you shouldn’t keep exterior and convey pets indoors. Lastly, the authorities suggest that, as soon as mosquito management is in place, wash backyard furnishings and kids’s toys with clear water and wait three days to eat vegatables and fruits from the backyard.

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