Dengue fever: How do we explain the record number of cases detected in France since the beginning of 2022?

Dengue fever: How can we clarify the report variety of circumstances detected in France because the starting of 2022?

French well being authorities have counted no less than 41 genuine circumstances of dengue fever in France, referring to the unfold of the tiger mosquito within the nation. In accordance with Public Well being France, new circumstances of an infection could happen within the coming days.

He is by no means seen one like him. And that is between the traces what the French well being authorities are monitoring this yr within the forefront of dengue fever and tiger mosquito. In a case report carried out on Friday, September 16, the French public well being authority stated it had recorded no less than 41 localized circumstances of dengue fever in France because the starting of the yr. These circumstances of contamination solely concern individuals who “haven’t traveled to an space the place the virus is prevalent within the fifteen days previous to the onset of signs”.

The place have dengue circumstances been recognized?

As of September 16, Santé Publique France introduced that it had registered 165 imported circumstances. A complete of 5 outbreaks have been clearly recognized to date. They’re all positioned within the area of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Baca) and in Occitanie:

  • in Hautes PyreneesWithin the city of Anderst, not removed from Tarbes, three circumstances of indigenous folks have been recognized. A fourth case was reported in Rabastense. “Right here we’re in a endless cycle with the onset of signs that began between July 11 and August 28,” the Public Well being Authority of France specifies.
  • in suburbs of Toulouse, in La Salvetat Saint-Gilles, a small focus was detected throughout the household of 4 circumstances. Signs began in mid-August.
  • in Jap Pyreneesan genuine case of dengue was recognized in Perpignan on the finish of June.
  • Two different outbreaks have been recognized in Baka space. Not less than 32 circumstances have been recognized because the finish of June.

By comparability, 14 circumstances of dengue have been detected in 2020. Solely 9 circumstances have been noticed in 2019, indicating that the illness progresses from yr to yr.

What’s dengue fever?

To know dengue fever is the so-called viral illness. That is transmitted by the chunk of an contaminated mosquito. In France, the tiger mosquito, recognizable by its white and black stripes, is clearly acknowledged as the principle explanation for the illness.

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In a single in two circumstances of an infection, the affected person develops signs. The affected particular person could have fever and joint ache. It could additionally result in “extra severe issues”.

What are the prospects for the approaching weeks?

Since final January, it has been noticed in no less than 67 French provinces. In 2018, the tiger mosquito was noticed in 51 sections.

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In accordance with Santé Publique France, “extra circumstances are prone to be recognized” within the coming weeks. Well being authorities already say no circumstances of an infection have but been detected. “We see that the phenomenon of transmission is more and more noticed between September and October. We didn’t go away this era susceptible to these assaults”, defines the French public well being.

How can we clarify the unfold of the tiger mosquito?

Lately, the tiger mosquito has continued to breed. A number of components could clarify this phenomenon. First the “present weather conditions favorable for mosquito breeding with warmth and rain”, first the record of well being authorities. The resumption of air site visitors after Covid-19 additionally favors the entry into French territory of dengue circumstances imported from different nations. Lastly, when a tiger mosquito is established in an space, it is extremely troublesome to expel it.

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The Santé Publique France reviews that the primary planting of the tiger mosquito in France dates again to 2004. Then the insect was current in Menton (Alpes Maritimes). Then it unfold to the southeast of France.

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