Fos-Cavaou LNG Terminal adapts to the massive flow of LNG

Fos-Cavaou LNG Terminal adapts to the huge move of LNG

On the berth of the Fos-Cavaou station, in Fos-sur-Mer, close to Marseille, in Bouches-du-Rhône, the twenty-meter-high yellow and black tower supposed to obtain ships loaded with liquefied pure gasoline, LNG, provides an approximation of its measurement. “The ship is 300 meters lengthy and one terawatt-hour, or roughly the annual consumption of Montpelliersays Thomas Barbier, Fos Station Operations Director. On an abnormal ship with a capability of 150 thousand cubic meters, it takes about twelve hours to move the cargo.

With the energy crunch, the Fos-Cavaou LNG plant has gone from a 65% utilization rate to 95% this year, one boat every two days.  (Frank Bader/Stylish)

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Ships like this, Thomas Barbier, Fos Terminal Operations Director, has had 13 ships within the final month alone. With the vitality disaster and the specter of a war-related disruption to gasoline provides in Ukraine, the LNG port has gone from 65% to 95% this 12 months, one boat each two days. “It’s a steady move and it exhibits how essential these LNG crops are to the vitality independence of the nation because of the diversification of provides they permit,” Edward Sauvage, Director of Infrastructure for Engie, the port operator, explains.

“The entire market has modified over the previous six months: it has been very quick and it was clearly essential to cope with the decline in Russian gasoline shipments.”

Edward Sauvage (Angie)

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Right here, on the shores of the Mediterranean, gasoline comes primarily from Algeria and Qatar. Delivered in a liquid state, it’s returned to the gaseous state earlier than being despatched to the community.

The one huge and instant different to Russian gasoline, liquefied pure gasoline, which was yesterday thought-about a fossil gas to get replaced, has grow to be so important that Enge has needed to perform work in just a few weeks to extend the capability of its plant by nearly 20%. “We put these capabilities up on the market in a short time round April, says Nelly Nicoli, who heads Elengy, the Engie subsidiary liable for LNG terminals. They’re leaving in a couple of minutes for the years 2022-2023 and 2024 within the advertising course of, which is happening on a first-come-first-served foundation.”

Technically, when it comes to land, when it comes to connection capability, all the things is deliberate for a potential enlargement of this station.”

Nelly Nicoli (Elenge)

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Immediately with 4 LNG terminals, France is a European hub, with re-exports to Belgium, Spain, Italy and shortly Germany. However to completely enhance and compensate for its capability, it should wait: the opening of the fifth station in Le Havre is scheduled for this summer season, however it is not going to be in service for a 12 months.

Power Disaster: Report on the Fos-Cavaou LNG Terminal by Grégoire Lecalot

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