Pope Francis takes control of the Knights of Malta

Pope Francis takes management of the Knights of Malta

In a decree revealed by the Vatican, Pope Francis introduced that he issued The brand new constitutional constitution for and Efficient instantly. Approach to announce that the Pope is now in control of the Knights of Malta, beginning on Saturday 3 September 2022.

Francis determined too “Isolating all senior positions, dissolving the present Sovereignty Council, and forming a brief Sovereign Council” Its 13 members appointed him personally.

The latter should arrange a category subsequent January [Assemblée NDLR] Extraordinary common for the implementation of all selections of the pope, determines the decree.

The state, the spiritual system, and the charitable physique

Based in Jerusalem and acknowledged by the Pope in 1113, the Knights of Malta is a unprecedented landless state primarily based in Rome, a strong spiritual order and charitable group.

It now has 13,500 Knights, together with about fifty spiritual ones, who take care of the hospital and the humanitarian work of the congregation with greater than 100,000 workers or volunteers positioned in 120 nations.

strained relations with the Vatican

The disaster inside the regime and in its relations with the Vatican started with a dispute on the head of the regime in 2016 when the Grand Grasp of the Knights of Malta, its president, requested the Grand Chancellor to resign.

Among the Knights of the Order object and ask the Pope to intervene. François sends a fee of inquiry and in addition obtains the resignation of the Grand Grasp, and all his selections are overturned.

Then the Pope appoints A papal legatehis private consultant within the group, and from that second started work on a broad reform of the constitutional constitution of the regime.

Holy See theme

Discussions proved tough on a selected level: the sovereignty of the Knights of Malta.

The draft constitutional constitution reform ready by the papal legate stipulates that the Order of the Knights of Malta be “Theme of the Holy See”i.e. from the Vatican, which the Knights reject, for worry of decreasing the matter to “spiritual affiliation”In keeping with the Italian spiritual information website Korazym.

Pope Francis mentions in his decree a call taken by the Courtroom of Cardinals in 1953 in response to which “The perks of the command […] This set doesn’t represent the powers and authorities of sovereign states..

“Being a non secular system, it relies upon […] So the Holy See, Pope Francis concludes.

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