Two reasons why Apple might develop a second-generation AirTag

Two the explanation why Apple may develop a second-generation AirTag

AirTag first era and second era idea. Illustration by Roland Udvarlaki
Supply: Pocketnow

Apple launched the AirTag in April 2021, and whereas Apple did not share how nicely it may promote, we heard numerous information reviews that it managed to promote thousands and thousands of gadgets. In accordance with a brand new report, the machine might have bought greater than 50 million items since launch, and Apple could also be planning to develop a second era, assuming gross sales proceed to develop.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned Apple could also be contemplating creating a second-generation AirTag. Kuo predicts that Apple could have bought 20 million and 35 million items in 2021 and 2022, respectively. Kuo believes Apple may create a second-generation Apple AirTag if gross sales and shipments proceed to develop.


Why would Apple develop a new second-generation AirTag?

There are a few possible explanations. The AirTag is an affordable tracker and offers one of the most advanced ways to track and locate everyday items such as backpacks, remotes, accessories and other items that are easy to lose in the house and in public. The AirTag provides precision and pinpoint accuracy to locate and locate these items.

Apple’s Find My Network relies on Apple devices to communicate with each other and provides the most advanced network for finding items in the wild. When an item is found using Find My Network, other nearby devices can safely notify you to locate lost items. It is efficient and reliable.

Continuous growth

airtag ios 14.5

Based on Kuo’s prediction, Apple has sold more than 55 million AirTags in less than two years, which might be reason enough for Apple to continue investing in a second-generation device. It could bring improvements such as improved tracking capabilities, improved accuracy and better battery life. AirTag is unlikely to bring Apple as much revenue as its more expensive devices, but it’s another revenue stream that could grow significantly in the coming years.

Market domination

Tile and other well-known trackers have been on the market for many years, but Apple has quickly caught up with them in less than two years. Apple probably wants to dominate the market. Dominating the smart tracking device market is also crucial for Apple to keep users locked into the ecosystem, making it more difficult for people to switch to Android as the tracking features still don’t exist outside of the Apple bubble.

What I want to see

First generation remains available at a lower price

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The first AirTag was a huge success and provided reliable and accurate tracking, but the second generation needs to improve a lot of things to make it attractive for people to upgrade and sign up for the new technology. Looking at Apple’s history with AirPods, I expect the first generation will continue to be available at a lower price, and I would expect the new device to cost a little more, with a few features missing.

MagSafe or a keyring hole

Apple AirTag second generation concept
Apple AirTag second generation concept, illustration by Roland Udvarlaki
Source: Pocketnow

I would like to see MagSafe or a keyring hole become the second generation, making it easier to hook the AirTag to key rings or metal objects. It would make it easier to carry around, reducing the need for additional accessories, although there could be a completely separate range of MagSafe accessories.

Better control and more emphasis on privacy

Current AirTags are known to be used by: criminals to track down high-end vehicles that they’ll steal from the proprietor’s driveway. Apple has made many enhancements over the previous 12 months, however every single day there are reviews of individuals utilizing it for functions aside from its supposed goal. We would like to see Apple take it extra severely and deal with it in future software program updates, as the flexibility to trace it with an Android machine did not assist repair the prevailing downside.

Extra correct and simpler monitoring

Monitoring functionality may additionally enhance considerably over the primary era, with extra correct monitoring and a greater consumer interface for locating close by objects. The present scorching & heat system works, however there are various methods it may be improved to make it higher and simpler to grasp.

Native app for Android to trace objects

Android customers are unlikely to get native help for AirTags, however it might be good to see. Samsung’s SmartTag gadgets solely work with Samsung telephones and tablets, making Tile the most effective various for non-Samsung customers. AirTag is inexpensive, easy, and straightforward to make use of, and I might wish to see higher help for it — and this might additionally assist Apple enhance its income and promote much more items.

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Apple AirTag

With the Apple AirTag, you may simply observe your gadgets, pets, baggage and different gadgets with the Discover My app. It’s straightforward to arrange and it really works on all Apple gadgets like iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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